Hugh Cabot III "Monuments in the Sky" fine historical and important Oil Painting

available now at Art Agents International

Hugh Cabot III Monuments in the Sky oil painting available now at Art Agents International

"Monuments in the Sky"

Hugh Cabot III

36”W by 24”H
Oil Painting

Appraised at $20,000.00 in 1989 - a treasure - ask to see and read appraisal

Offers Are Now Being Accepted for this incredibly historical and important painting

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Hugh Cabot III

One of America's foremost artists, working in all media, exhibiting nationally and internationally, Boston born Hugh Cabot now lives and works in Tubac, Arizona where he has his studio.
Listed in Who's Who in American Art; Who's Who in International Art; Who's Who in the West and American Artists of the West, Cabot's work has been exhibited in most major museums of the free world . Official combat artist for the Korean War, his war art hangs in Washington, D.C., and belongs to the nation.
"His drawings of the Korean War are authentic and memorable" ...
James A. Michener

"The first Postwar art showing of War Art by Navy Combat artist Hugh Cabot seen by 85,000 people in first week" . . .
Associated Press

Cabot shows a deep response to the compelling force and dramatic spectacle of man and nature" . . .
Christian Science Monitor

In reaching his creative potential Cabot draws and paints the people, the vastness of the southwest, simply, with great vigor and without strain at the bit
Boston - Herald- American

"He doesn't believe in miserly strokes but ones that are right and abundant, brushes filled to hilt with plenty to give."
Art Talk

"He is an artist of the west, rather than a western artist . . . his visions are natural based in experience and emotion" ...
Gray Hawk

"Hugh Cabot triggers extraordinary feelings about the light in Arizona's back country."
Arizona Highways

Hugh Cabot III profile photo
Hugh Cabot III

more about Hugh Cabot III

Hugh Cabot III (March 22, 1930 – May 23, 2005) was an American artist. Best known for his oil paintings, he also worked with watercolor, pastels, graphite, charcoal, sculpture, and photography.

Cabot was born in Boston, Massachusetts, the son of Hugh Cabot II, Professor of Sociology, Harvard University, and Louise Melenson Cabot. Hugh Cabot III was an official United States Navy combat artist during the Korean War.[2][3][4] His art produced during the Korean War hangs in the Naval Historical Center, Navy Art Collection in Washington, D.C..

Cabot is listed in Who's Who in American Art;[5] Who's Who in International Art; Who's Who in the World; Who's Who in America, and Who's Who in the West.[6] His works have been exhibited in many major museums throughout the United States and the world, and used as illustrations in several publications.

He lived and worked for 37 years in Tubac, Arizona, where his studio and gallery are located. Prior to Tubac he was in Taos and Santa Fe, New Mexico.

He is survived by 1 child from his first marriage to Geraldine Luczak: Jeffrey Harris Cabot, two children from his second marriage to Greta Lois Chadwick; Mary Elizabeth Cabot-Case and John Chadwick Cabot. His fourth wife, Olivia Cabot, continued to operate the Hugh Cabot gallery in Tubac, Arizona until her death on August 27, 2015.

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